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BC Cancer

BC Cancer offers various online resources for cancer survivors ranging from handouts, videos, and more.

Canadian Cancer Society

The Canadian Cancer Society provides individuals living with and beyond cancer strategies, resources, and advice towards seeking an active lifestyle.

Exercise Programs

Local Exercise Programs (No Cost)


InspireHealth provides free, life-changing supportive care programs and services to help you and your family through cancer. We offer support in the areas of stress and mental health counselling; managing treatment side-effects; nutrition support and education; exercise therapy for better recovery; improving sleep and energy; and managing work, life, and relationships.

To register at no cost:

1. Click the “See More” button below.

2. Click on “Getting Started”.

3. Click on “Getting Started” again.

4. Fill out the easy online form and click “Submit”.

5. You will receive an email explaining how to sign up for free classes or one-on-one consultations.


Wellspring provides a network of community based centres offering services free of charge and without referral.

Local Exercise Programs (Fee for Service)

SIRvivor BC/Prostate Cancer Supportive Care

SIRvivor BC is a specialized exercise program for men 19+ who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, in any stage of treatment or recovery and at any fitness level, ability and background. The program focuses largely on strength development through resistance-based exercise. It helps participants improve muscle endurance, meet new people, and learn safe and effective exercises.

SIRvivor BC is offered via in-person and virtual sessions. Click the link below to learn more.

Find a Physiotherapist: PABC

Please visit the Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia’s website if you are in search of a physiotherapist. The following link provides individuals living with and beyond cancer an intuitive way to connect with a physiotherapist with cancer expertise.

Find an Exercise Physiologist: CSEP

Please visit the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiologists’ website if you are looking for an exercise physiologist. The following link provides individuals living with and beyond cancer an intuitive way to find an exercise physiologist with cancer expertise.

Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic

Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic provides survivors with information on cancer recovery exercise programs and more.

Local Exercise Teams

Abreast in a Boat

Abreast in a Boat is a charitable society whose mission is to raise awareness about breast cancer and that those diagnosed can live full and active lives.

Butts in a Boat

Butts in a Boat is the first prostate cancer team for Dragon Boating and is open to any individual to attend.

Other Programs

MacMillan Cancer Support UK

MacMillan Cancer support offers various resources for cancer survivors on their website.

The ONE Group: Oncology – Nutrition – Exercise

The ONE Group at Penn State College provides survivors with an assortment of resources on cancer care including research, patient guides, exercise videos, and more.


Exercise Prescription

BC Cancer’s Exercise Prescription Pad outlines exercise guidelines for individuals living with cancer.

Download Here

Other Exercise Handouts & Booklets

BC Cancer

Canadian Cancer Society

Tips for Safe At – Home Exercise

Exercise Videos

Breast Cancer Exercise Videos – BC Cancer

Exercise for Individuals with Breast Cancer (Overview)

Post-Surgery Breast Cancer Exercises (Week 1)

Post-Surgery Breast Cancer Exercises (Weeks 2-6)

Improving Flexibility

Building Aerobic Fitness at Home

Building Strength at Home

MacMillan Cancer Support UK – Exercise Program

Treloar Physiotherapy – Cancer Recovery Exercise Program

Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic has produced an exercise program to assist survivors to conquer cancer on their YouTube channel. To see the full playlist please click the following link: Treloar Physiotherapy

Individual Videos:

Return To Work Resources

Cancer and Work

Cancer and Work provides resources and interactive tools for cancer survivors who are returning, remaining, changing for looking for work after a diagnosis of cancer.