The Physical Activity Service at Healthlink BC

HealthLink BC provides professionals with various external referral forms for patients to access supportive care outlets.

Qualified Exercise Professionals are available to provide information and advice related to physical activity and exercise to residents of British Columbia, including people living with and beyond cancer.

Exercise Recommendation for People With Bone Metastases

In 2022, the International Bone Metastases Exercise Working Group published exercise recommendations for people living with bone metastases, including this risk assessment tool to inform likelihood of a skeletal complication from exercise:

Exercise Prescription

BC Cancer’s Exercise Prescription Pad outlines exercise guidelines for individuals living with cancer.

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Moving Through Cancer – Infographic

In 2018, the American College of Sports Medicine held a roundtable on cancer and exercise and published an article on exercise guidelines for individuals living with and beyond cancer:

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The American College of Sports Medicine also published a consolidated infographic of their findings from the 2018 Roundtable:

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Other Resources

“How to Measure Your Arm”


The Clinical Exercise Physiology Lab (CEPL) has developed a short tutorial to assist individuals in measuring their arm. Measuring your arm after Breast Cancer treatment is important as it is an indication of whether an individual’s lymphedema self-management strategies are working effectively and helps track the onset of swelling.