Bod Pod™️

What is Bod Pod™️ testing?

Bod Pod™️ testing is a safe and straight-forward test for body composition. The Bod Pod™️ uses mass and volume measurements to determine body density, and from there, it can calculate your fat vs fat-free mass.

What happens during the assessment?

The assessment takes about 20 minutes in total. Client information will be recorded, and your mass will be measured. You will then be asked to sit inside the Bod Pod™️ chamber with the door closed and breathe normally while the Bod Pod™️ measures your volume. There will be 2 to 3 measurements, with each measurement taking about 1 minute each.

How much does it cost?

Bod Pod™️ testing costs $70 at the CEPL. Please note we are only accepting exact cash at this time.

How do I book an appointment?

Appointments can be made by contacting 

What do I need to bring/wear/do?

Bod Pod™️ testing accuracy is dependent on the type of clothing that you wear. Wearing anything that is loose-fitting or has padding or pockets will impact your results. We recommend that you wear a tight-fitting swimsuit, bike or fitted shorts, and/or a sports bra. We will provide a robe for you to wear before and after the test, and a swim cap to wear during the test. Any other jewelry or accessories that can be removed, should be.

Are there any risks involved?

Bod Pod™️ testing is non-invasive and fast. However, you may experience claustrophobia or the feeling of being shut-in during the test. There is an emergency button inside the chamber that will allow you to open the door should anything happen. You will not be exposed to any physical danger during testing, and air will be continuously circulated throughout the chamber.

Other questions

The Bod Pod™️ has been used to test a range of bodies and can accommodate individuals up to 7 feet tall and 550 pounds.